Verge Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Verge Mobile Data has vast experience deploying mobile data connectivity solutions. Recently, Verge completed a fleet-wide deployment of multi-carrier wireless broadband connectivity technology for fire and EMS vehicles in a Pittsburg-area Borough.

First responders need secure, fast, reliable data connectivity that performs under pressure and extreme circumstances. Verge Mobile Data solutions utilize broadband data over WiFi, cellular, and satellite networks to enable extended features that are beyond consumer level device capabilities. Our systems provide connectivity for:

  • Fire and EMS emergency response vehicles.
  • Police and SWAT vehicles, including discrete, undercover applications.
  • County and City utility and maintenance vehicles.
  • First Responder supervisor vehicles.
  • Commercial fleet vehicles.

First Responders must maintain communication transparently with headquarters when the vehicle is stationary, in motion, or while they’re on foot. Verge Mobile Data connectivity solutions provide a wide variety of benefits to First Responders in every-day, real-world situations, including:

  • En-Route GPS mapping.
  • Complete-fleet, real-time GPS tracking.
  • Mobile Data Terminal and Computer Aided Dispatch system connectivity.
  • Stream video from First Responder vehicles, dash cams, body cameras, etc.
  • Access your network and data from anywhere.

Often times, public safety services have poor or little technology support. Verge Mobile Data provides expert, discrete, and reliable information technology solutions providing a secure vehicle network platform, allowing real-time access to data, voice, and video applications from a moving or stationary network.